Tim Colyer paintings

Tim Colyer


Lancaster, Pennsylvania
email: tdcolyer@gmail.com
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Lititz Outdoor Fine Art Show — July 28, 2012

Lititz booth 2012

The collection at the Litiz show featured several new paintings. Still Life in White received First Place award in the watercolor category. The painting (see image #11 in the slideshow above) depicts an assembly of rustic and timeworn kitchen necessities from the days of coal-fired cook stoves and daily delivery of fresh milk and eggs from neighboring farms. Contact Tim to purchase a giclee reproduction or to inquire about the original.

Lititz 1st Place 2012

Landis Woods Outdoor Fine Art Show — Sept. 24, 2011

Landis Woods booth 2011

The booth at the Landis Woods Show received First Place for overall presentation and, in particular, the Chickies Creek painting (shown partially in photo right). Tim enjoyed seeing many past customers who stopped by to see the new paintings and to catch up.

Landis Woods booth 2011

Artist photo
In my painting, I want to give others a window into the world as it looks to me. Inspiration comes from the most ordinary of subjects — the overly familiar and seemingly monotonous stuff that we push to the background. I try to portray them in a way that will encourage you to pause and look closely, hopefully connecting in some way with what I have put on paper.
My relationship with painting has never been an easy one. My work is more often a series of skirmishes triggered when creative insight takes on the challenging technical skill demanded of the medium. In the finished painting, I look to see the richness of life that I had hoped to capture. I believe it is the struggle that imparts a different quality to my paintings. I hope you enjoy them.
About the Artist
Tim Colyer has lived most of his life in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He holds a B.A. in Art from Millersville University and worked as a floor pattern designer for Armstrong World Industries for over 30 years. His watercolors have been featured in The Artists Magazine and have won him numerous awards.